Meet our Studio Staff

Nicolle Bangerter, E-RYT/Studio Director

Class: Simply Yoga

Nicolle began doing meditation and yoga in 1994 as a way to deal with college stress. Yoga helped her deal with the loss of a parent when she was just 24, and helped her battle postpartum depression. When her third and last son was born in 2003 Nicolle began her teacher training. Nicolle has a 500 hour E-RYT, and has studied with Judith Lassiter and Charlotte Bell. In 2005 Nicolle became a Master Teacher Trainer and traveled the Country for several years teaching and training future yoga teachers. Nicolle still considers herself a "just starting" yoga teacher. Her passion for yoga and experience with it's healing benefits is why she knew she had to teach. In 2016 Nicolle was hit by a car at 35mph while crossing a street near her home. Her injuries kept her from teaching. Determined to return to the mat she found Cutting Edge Physical Therapy. Nicolle met therapist and owner Cheryl Farnsworth. The two became quick friends. Cheryl had a long time vision for a studio where transitional healing, meditation and body work could help her Physical Therapy patients return to normal activity. Nicolle became involved in the vision and continued to heal thanks to the hands on Therapy methods at Cutting Edge. Cheryl moved forward with her dream building out a space connected to her PT clinic. Nicolle healed enough to return to teaching and was the natural fit to run what is now; The Studio at Cutting Edge. We invite you to experience the health and peace offered at The Studio at Cutting Edge, become the best version of you. 

Stephanie Pearce, LMT, CYT, PT

Class: TBA

Stephanie’s integrative health practice celebrates the truth that health looks different on everybody. Her life’s work is helping her patients discover the wisdom in their body that leads to whole body health and joy.

Nearly 15 years ago, she trained at the Academy of Somatic Healing Arts (ASHA). After graduating, she spent many years as an instructor with ASHA’s Sports Massage Department and supported athletes in the medical tent for Atlanta Peachtree Road Race and AVP Beach Volleyball Tours in Atlanta. In 2001, she started her integrative health practice to blend everything she’s learned about massage, yoga and exercise therapies to help more people achieve health, joy and whole body substance.

Stephanie’s biggest challenge came in her 40s, when she suffered debilitating sciatica. She recovered from the pain by following a whole body approach to health and pursuing movement that brings her joy. Farming particularly helped her heal, underscored the value of camaraderie and also guided her to follow a Slow Food philosophy. She believes in a diet based on whole, organic and local foods to support the body’s natural healing.

She’s a Georgia native and has recently moved to Salt Lake City. Traveling across country with her husband, two dogs and a cat. She’s enjoyed sprint triathlons, swinging kettle bells, and mountain biking while also loving quite hikes whether on the beach, in the mountains or urban parks. She is proof that health looks different on everybody. Clients describe her as a wise sage. But one of the simplest lessons that she has learned is to listen and care for your body. When you do, you’ll gain more enthusiasm and freedom to enjoy and  move with the flow of life.

Debbie Coleman

Class: Yoga Flow

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Karina Farfan

Class: Yoga Awake!

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Annie Kent

Class: Pilates

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Jeremy Kuecks

Class: Qigong

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Steven Beal

Class: Yoga Awake!

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Robin Dale

Class: Feel Good Yoga

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Amy Hawkins

Class: Midday Flow

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Sandi Call

Class: Yoga 101

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Jenni Runolfson

Class: High Fitness

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Nicole Schmidt

Class: Yin Yoga

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