Simply Yoga

1 hour

 Feel light and supported as you slowly  flow through a warm-up, simple poses and a cool down then bliss out in shavasana.  Come enjoy the sound of music and breath.  Leave the world behind for your hour of renewal. 


1 hour

Jeremy leads students through a beautiful Chinese system of physical exercise and breath control. This artful movement, similar to Tai Chi, will leave you renewed  mind, body and spirit.  



1 hour

Many health practitioners believe the pelvis is the Keystone of the body. Pilates focuses on the Pelvis as the root of the spine and allows for a powerful core experience. Annie, as a professional dancer will beautifully lead you to strength of body, mind and spirit in this lunchtime class. Come on your lunch break and feel the difference. Joseph Pilates, the founder of this modality said, "In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you'll see a difference, and in 30 sessions you'll have a whole new body." See you there!


Intro to Kriya Personal Power Practice

1 hour

Her class includes kundalini kriya, mantras, meditations and tantric energy healing techniques, which you will learn to add to your personalized practice.

The classes will be relatable to life, with not only fitness benefits but endocrine balancing. People of any age or fitness level can practice with us! This is called the yoga of awareness and a "householders" yoga.

Her classes are guaranteed to activate the Peace Warrior within.


Yoga Flow

1 hour

Basic Flow class. Get your meditation and heart rate going as your flow through warm-up, sun-salutations and a cool down then bliss out in shavasana. Nicolle has been teaching this mixed level Vinyasa class for years. Come enjoy the sound of music and breath. Leave the world behind for your hour of power.


Yoga Gentle Flow

1 hour 

 Lindsay teaches in a gentle loving style allowing the student to listen to their bodies. This is a class for anyone. As you follow your breath and extend your physical awareness. Come join us for a Monday evening and nurture your body and soul. 


Feel Good Yoga

1 hour

Never done Yoga?

Took sometime off from your practice?

Want to feel more comfortable in your poses?

Looking for modifications after an injury?

Good news! This is the class for you. 

We breakdown the poses spending time on the foundation and extension in each posture. Use a chair to help with balance in any of our classes


Yoga Awake!

1 hour

Yoga is like a shot of concentrated sunshine. Come start your morning with a boost of energy and good vibrations. SPF 50 optional.